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bda12ba5-11e9-4bf7-b583-0af436246adcpngFELOO came about because the owner had a cat named Tiggy which was made blind by an anaesthetic after having his teeth cleaned. Having previously been a cat that went outside, he now needed an indoor cat litter tray. Tiggy's owner looked around and realized cat trays hadn’t changed for 20 years and were still the same rectangular plastic bucket, which become scratched and caked no matter how much they are cleaned. Most people without a utility room wind up cleaning them in the bathtub or even the kitchen sink and dread that day when it comes to cleaning the tray. While trying to sort out a better product, she made a sample product out of cardboard and her plastic designer suggested why not do a cardboard version. She also felt that most things for cats were made for ease of manufacture and not for use by the cat and that in this day of design, why shouldn’t cats products look good and be easy on the environment, and this new cardboard material means it can be recycled. Once Tiggy 's owner had one tray all the rescued 8 other cats decided they preferred an indoor toilet as well, even though there was nothing wrong with them  or  their four little legs. Guess even cats prefer an indoor loo!!!
As all the cats slept in the cardboard prototypes as well, you could use the Enclosed Box as a sleeping pod as it can be wiped to refresh it. Again, just add your own blanket although most cats are quite happy without a blanket!

 At Feloo, we hope to add to the range of products especially for you and your pussycat and hope you and your cat enjoy using the products.!!

Just to remind you,  Feloo’s are not cat carriers and are not designed to be used for that purpose so don’t use them as carriers!!

Feloo is very grateful to the owners of Big Frank, Lincs, Vanilla, Mitzi and Bonnie and the Feloo cats Stinker and Sven for their contribution to the website!!!!

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