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FELOO CAT TOILET- Lid with 4 Trays


Feloo Cat Toilet with Lid and 4 trays.
Set includes: x 1 Enclosed Lined Lid x 4 Cat Litter Trays
Colour: Natural Kraft      
Size: 43cm (W )x 43cm (D) x 50cm (H) (trays are 8cm in height and the lid fits inside the tray)

These cat litter trays can be used on their own or with the lid in the Enclosed Toilet, so no more cleaning caked and scratched cat litter trays!

The cat litter trays are water resistant, like a coffee cup, and so can be wiped clean & kept fresh.
 It comes flat-packed in biodegradable bags, as do all Feloo products, so when you are finished, simply empty and recycle.

Cats love the shape, as it is big enough for them to go round and round, and each cat litter tray can last up to 4 weeks, depending on use.
Great if your cat goes out normally but has to be kept in after an op or any situation where you don't want a permanent cat litter tray, say with kittens until they are old enough to go outside.  Maybe your friends are looking after your cats while you are away, and you want to save them the hassle of cleaning out cat litter trays. Great if your are pregnant or immune system deficient and want to keep contact with soiled material to a minimum, or you have trouble washing out trays or simply don't have the time or energy to do so!
The Feloo scoops have a waterproof lining as well. Not for sale individually but supplied with purchase of a Feloo Standard/Replacement Cat Litter Tray or Feloo Cat Toilets

Please Note:
These are not cat carriers and would not be suitable for transporting your cat / kitten in any way.
Make sure you keep your cats' claws trimmed or they may tear the lining.