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Cat Friendly     Eco Friendly     Owner Friendly

Feloo's origami inspired products are designed first and foremost for your cat so it can go round and round.

The material is a lined and water resistant cardboard which can be recycled and all inks are evironmently friendly. It is made in Britain, so no air miles, is easy to self assemble and comes flat packed in branded biodegradable bags. Trays can last up to 4 weeks, depending on use and litter. We suggest clumping wood based litter (which is dust free), easier to use, and lasts longer than clay based products.

You might like to use Feloo if you:

Have kittens until they are old enough to go outside.

Have an elderly cat that finds it difficult to get into high sided trays.

Don't normally use a tray but need one if your cat needs to be kept inside for a time.

Are elderly and find it difficult to clean trays.
Have friends looking after your cat when you are away
Are pregnant  or have a suppressed immune system and want as little contact with soiled material as possible.
Take your cat with you when you go away and want an easy tray to take with you which you can recycle.
Please note the litter box cannot be used as a cat carrier!!!

                                                                                                      FELOO PRODUCTS ARE MADE IN THE UK.